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Connecting St. Louis™ provides local businesses and professionals unique and effective marketing solutions

Have you ever said to yourself any of the following questions?  How do I reach more local St. Louis consumers looking for the products or services I provide? How do I stand out from my competition? How can I drive more traffic to my website? How can I convert more visitors to customers? What is the lifetime value of each new customer? If so, we may have your answers.

The “Connecting St Louis” network of St Louis focused websites is ideal for businesses desiring to reach more St Louis consumers.  Our web (of 100’s of websites) can capture more traffic than your single website.  Consumers on our sites who are looking for products and services that you offer can be directed to you.  You can use our our network to extend your website’s content and information, potentially bringing even more customers back to you.  No Website? No Problem!  We can tell “your story” on our network of St Louis targeted websites.

For as little as $97 a month you can promote your business or organization across hundreds of Saint Louis area targeted websites.  You don’t even need a website to take advantage of the network

  • You can reach potential new customers with you message
  • You can promote your services or the products you sell
  • You can grow your customer contact list
  • You can be featured by the categories and locations you serve
  • You can be extend your branding and image beyond your website
  • You can bring more customers to you website
  • You get membership in our local marketing coaching group when an single idea could be worth more than

But our marketing solutions don’t stop there. We recognize that each business or organization has different marketing objections.  For example, a health club seeking new members has different marketing objectives that a pet store selling pet supplies…. A chiropractor seeking new patients has different marketing objectives than a restaurant seeking new patrons…  Even within a business category there may be different marketing objectives, especially geographically.  For instance, a hotel in downtown St Louis may have different marketing objectives than a hotel in Saint Charles.

For businesses and organizations wanting customized marketing solutions we offer unique opportunties to promte their services and products.

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