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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


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Why wouldn’t I want to focus all our efforts on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter?

Why would I want to pay for the services you offer?

Why wouldn’t I want to invest in some sort of national membership program instead of something local?

This isn’t like any type of Marketing I have seen before. Why would I want to try it?

Why don’t you provide traditional advertising metrics like Impressions, Clicks, etc.?

What kind of value can I expect from joining this platform?

What sort of member-only content can I expect to get?

I don’t have the money to pay for another marketing item.

I could probably get the information you are sharing about how to grow my business from a free source.

I don’t have time to do something else.

I don’t think this is for me.

Why are you only opening up this system for an initial 100 businesses?

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