1) Connecting St. Louis™

Network of Referral Sites

  • A network of over 500 St. Louis area-related websites optimized for Referrals

Clickable Contextual Ads

  • Clickable Contextual Ads on up to 5 sites that we recommend on our Network
  • Text-based, including your business name, phone number, address, website, email, your logo/headshot AND a text-based call to action to your clickable contextual ads.

“Sponsored By” Links for Unlimited Pages on Network

  • Ability to insert your clickable contextual ad right onto any website on our network
  • Our members-only link generator creates a unique link that allows you to place your ad in a “Sponsored By” position on any of our network sites.

One-Click Referral Lists Placements

  • Have your business listed on our network of referral websites in your industry/region with your listing as the only one in that area of service.
  • Potential customers input their location information to find you or other members.

Access to Member-Only Content

  • Access to member-only content on how to grow your business

Exclusive Groups of Fellow Network/Referral Focused St. Louisans

  • Invites to Member-only Facebook and LinkedIn Groups consisting of your fellow St. Louisans who you can network with.

Connecting St. Louis Quarterly Newspaper Placement

  • Have your business’ and/or contact name, phone, email, website, and industry appear in our quarterly newspaper.

2) Premium Clickable Domains Services

Domain Name Rentals:

  • Rent one or more St. Louis focused domains relevant to your business when available.

Custom Websites & Landing Pages

  • Let us build you a lead-optimized landing page for your Premium domain name rental