Connecting St. Louis

The power of many, The focus of one, Connecting St Louis™

Connecting St Louis™ is a network of targeted websites that provide information on a variety of topics and locations across the St. Louis region. 

Connecting St. Louis™ is a unique marketing system designed for local businesses and professionals who want to gain an advantage over their competition. The network was developed by John Williams, a local real estate professional who needed a way to compete with the “big companies”.  He saw that Internet was the place where he could do that.  John believed it takes more than a single website to make your Internet marketing a success.  He also understood that the term “Location Location Location” did not just apply to real estate, but also to the Internet. Since 1998 we have been buying and selling premium “Internet locations” ie domains and acquired a large inventory of premium geo-targeted domain names.  Many of these are used in Connecting St Louis™.   Each network website has a powerful targeted easy-to-remember “premium” domain name. Many of our websites get considerable “typed-in Traffic” or what is called direct navigation traffic (where the consumer types the website name directly into the browser bar).